World Book Day

5 Mar



As many of you at Soar Valley may already know, today is World Book Day.

In today’s busy world it’s often difficult to find the time to read for pleasure. Too many of us spend far too much of our free time idly flicking through hundreds of terrible TV channels, or spending hours trying to top our high scores on the latest PS3 or Xbox 360 game.

I know I sometimes have to plan half an hour into my day where I can relax with a good book. But trust me, it’s worth it. I know your teachers are always encouraging you to read, but it’s for good reason. Many of the TV shows and films (and even computer games) you love started life as stories within the pages of a book.

You should always have a reading book in your bag. Choose something you think you might enjoy – don’t just grab a book for the sake of it. Books, believe it or not, are amazing. They’re portable, cheap, rewarding, and a good bit cheaper than the latest PS3 game!


One Response to “World Book Day”

  1. Jeffrey93 March 11, 2009 at 10:55 pm #

    just in case you didnt know, the £1 book voucher things are at the library at the moment

    oh and is there any chance of getting a recommended film list to go with the book list?

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