Lionel Messi – Impossible is Nothing.

28 May


I couldn’t let this day pass without commenting on Lionel Messi. In Spain and South America they call him La Pulga Atómica‘, meaning ‘The Atomic Flea’. It’s easy to see why.

At the age of eleven, Messi was diagnosed with a serious growth-hormone problem. He needed expensive hospital treatment which his family simply couldn’t afford. His condition meant he was far smaller than anyone else his age, and even today he is still only 1.69 metres (5′ 7″) tall. But being smaller he was also more agile. He learnt to play with the ball on the ground, as that’s where it felt most comfortable. The rest, as they say, is history.

Last night, the flea became a giant.

lionel_messi_gt_1411505iClick here to watch a video of the goal.

Now, I don’t mean to upset any Manchester United fans with this post. Messi’s story is an inspirational one and the football he plays should be appreciated by everyone. Crucially, Messi refused to let his illness hold him back. As he said himself, “Now I realise, sometimes bad things can turn out good.”

For anyone interested in reading a brilliant article about ‘The Atomic Flea’, click on the link below!

Time has come for mesmerising Messi to prove he is in Maradona’s league

James Lawton
The Independent, Tuesday 28 April 2009

EXTRACT: “Messi is sublime on the run, he can find space and gaps not apparent to the naked eye, and if he indeed fulfils the promise of a season in which his talent has sometimes acquired the depth and the range of an epic sporting poem, football in all the corners of its existence will benefit.”

That is all for now!


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