Year 7 Mini Sagas!

15 Jul


Here are some of Year 7’s mini sagas. The rules were simple:

  1. Your story must have a beginning, middle and end.
  2. It must be exactly 50 words (or plus 2 either way!)
  3. It must be excellent!

So, here are some efforts!

Cautiously, I surveyed the desolate house. Cobwebs brushed against my skin as I trampled over the flattened boxes. Shivering with dismay, sweat poured down my face. Why had I come back? My heart was pounding ferociously. The room illuminated. I froze. From the shadows a sneering clown lunged at me…

– Komal

I could not stand being here,
But I had to take my punishment.
Everything is so lonesome in here.
I remember how I killed my parents, my brother and sister in the deadly fire.
Being the only survivor I was to blame,
I never meant to kill them,
Or me…

– Shivani

Completely inseparable, the four puppies always played together. They were friends and the owners were friends too. One day, they went to walk in the park releasing the puppies to play. They played together. Happy together, the owners went to buy something. When they returned, the puppies had disappeared… forever?

– Shiam

It was the hottest day of the year, but no one noticed the sun was not there until it was too late. The time had come; the explosion was only a few minutes away. Everyone was preparing, NASA and the army have made a bomb to stop it.

But do they?

– Ryan

“Please, help my daughter. Anyone!” Katherine darted through the hospital doors with Emily in her arms. She had been shot in the head and the doctor pronounced her death at 2:36pm. Katherine staggered back to the forest. There was a loud bang; nobody ever saw Katherine again. Where is she? Nobody knows…

– Roshni

“I’m not normal…”
“Don’t say that. Just remember, up is never where you are now. Those who think that sky is the limit have limited imagination”, the boy whispered. “After all, you are truly beautiful.”
The girl smiled innocently. “Really?” she mumbled.
“More than you will ever know.” And he vanished.

– Monica

It was time. Our team stepped onto the pitch. The awe-inspiring match had started. Germany snatched the ball immediately, but failed to score in the first half. A corner! It was time to make history. The ball flew furiously. Puyol was charging in from defence to header it. Would he score it….?

“£10 Spain to win!”

– Milan

Centuries ago in the town of Hampshire lived an evil dragon called Draco, who raided the town. However a man came to offer to kill the dragon for fifty gold coins. He was successful, the dragon was slain but was he really? Draco and the slayer were working together. Beware!

– Manpreet

Amy heard an echo from somewhere. What was that? Amy entered the haunted, spooky mansion.  There were eary noises, glowing spider webs and hollow traps. Suddenly, the windy storm appeared. Flashing lights. LIGHTNING! Her eyes were turning blood red! She screamed for help! The hollowed trap opened and she vanished…  

– Jessica

I sat beside him on the park bench. Leaning over, he gently whispered’’ I will never leave you’’. Then closed his eyes and fell back on the bench. I continued talking to him, he didn’t reply. I touched his hand desperate to hear his heartbeat. It didn’t. He was dead…

– Jenny

The fight started. People cheering… the bell rings. They started circling and the fat guy started shouting his mouth off. One lunged in! The fat guy got floored, and everybody laughs. It was pure humiliation, but he had it coming to him. He got too cocky; serves him right! Knock out!

– Jason

The place mankind thought was a legend. The key to… what was that? Something huge glared its luminous eyes at me. My hands shook with fear. I saw a door. I ran in and slammed the door. I picked something divine off the floor. “Can I buy this video game?”

– Hoshil

“Wow” he whispered. He was unsure of this thing. What could it be? It was gigantic. It was taller than any skyscraper, and it was alive. He cautiously approached this ‘thing’. Suddenly, a burst of light punched through the darkness. Following a squeal it shrank, leaving nothing but a crystal.

– Ellie

As Clare walked into her apartment door a huge gush of wind sent shivers down her spine. The door slammed shut! She paced to her window, and just when she was about to close it she saw a figure. Then she heard a voice.

“Your fate will be decided today.”

– Dhara

Damian Marley horrifically strangled his opponent Mr Neville. He tried to escape but Marley’s dreadlocks were too strong. Neville’s face went purple and Marley panicked. As he loosened his dreadlocks Mr. Neville got him into a submission. The crowd were going crazy and the commentators were too, then something surprising happened.

– Jamie

I sat there waiting. Slowly the seconds ticked; it seemed endless. Agony! Patience was fading away. I soon started staggering. Halfway, the waitress announced, “coffee is ready!” I raced towards the counter then I saw him. We both reached for the coffee. TWO lovers, ONE coffee.

Love at first sight.– Ankita

“This is what a match is” bellowed the commentators. “A match with two awe inspiring teams” he excitedly said. As the players were waiting for the loud whistle approaching, they were feeling shaken because these teams have had great history.

– Akash

As the whistle is blown both teams march onto the pitch and the match had begun. Holland had the ball “No Slovakia overtook it” but they managed to get the ball back!!! Holland has scored. Then 2 minutes to go can they manage? After 32 years the cup is finally theirs.– Abdi


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