Welcome to my Soar Valley English Blog!

So, why a blog?

The big aim of the blog is to provide support for your English studies at Soar Valley College. It will contain book reviews, cool things to read, resources, homework help and useful links. It will also be a place where some of your best work will be displayed for all to see.

First thing you need to do is to save this site to your bookmarks or favourites at home. Go on, do it now. It’ll only take a minute. I’ll just wait a second until you’ve finished…

You still haven’t done it, have you? Go and do it then! Quickly. I won’t ask again.

Ok, you really should have done it by now. Remember to check back on the blog frequently for updates. Remember, Facebook and Youtube are great, but they’re not a patch on Mr Neville’s English Blog. Tell your friends – it’s the place to be.

I hope you find it useful!

Mr Neville, July 2010


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