Hello Year 10

This page is where you will find links and resources that are specific to your studies as you move through Year 10 and on to Year 11. Click on the links below to take you to that page. Alternately, you can use the menu in the sidebar to your right. Happy surfing!


This is where you will find links to articles I think are interesting, entertaining or just blummin’ well written. Take the time to give them a read. Reading good writing will only improve your own!

Classroom Resources
On this page you will find links to worksheets I use with you in class. Rather than ask me for extra copies, if you miss lessons you can download what you need from here.

As most of these videos are from YouTube, this is a page for you to explore at home and comment on. Poems, songs, trailers, speeches, excerpts from films, just about anything that takes my fancy. If you happen across a video that you think is worthy of inclusion, then let me know. You never know, I might agree and post it!


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