NEW!!: The brilliance of Sacha Baron Cohen

Harry Phibbs
The Guardian, Thursday 4 June 2009
A great article about the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. As the writer puts it, “From Ali G to Borat and Bruno, by making us laugh at prejudice, Sacha Baron Cohen’s ridiculous alter egos help to defeat it.”


Time has come for mesmerising Messi to prove he is in Maradona’s league
James Lawton
The Independent, Tuesday 28 April 2009
“Messi is sublime on the run, he can find space and gaps not apparent to the naked eye, and if he indeed fulfils the promise of a season in which his talent has sometimes acquired the depth and the range of an epic sporting poem, football in all the corners of its existence will benefit.”

Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi pits showman against shy man
Paul Hayward
The Guardian, Tuesday 26 May 2009

An excellent piece, written before last night’s Champions League final, comparing the playing style of the world’s two greatest footballers. My own opinion? Messi is not only a genius with his feet, he is a humble person and a gentleman off the pitch. A truly great sportsman. Ronaldo… well, the less said the better.

Back to black on Tyneside
Matt Dickinson
The Times, Monday 25 May 2009
Yesterday was a difficult and frustrating day for fans of Newcastle United. Relegated to the First Division for the first time since we were promoted to the Premier League in 1993, and with no guarantee we will bounce back up. This article by Matt Dickinson attempts to pick through the wreckage of a once-great football club. If it can only teach us one thing, it is that a lack of effort and passion will destroy you in the end.

The BNP represents Britain’s workers? They don’t even represent basic British craftsmanship
Charlie Brooker
The Guardian, Monday 18 May 2009
An excellent article about the recent appearance of the British National Party on our television screens. Charlie Brooker’s writing is scathingly funny, but often has a serious message at its core.

Propelled towards legend
Simon Armitage
The Guardian, Saturday 27 June 2008
A great article about Alex Turner, the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys, written by the poet Simon Armitage. Turner is a fantastic songwriter and gifted lyricist. If you’re not a fan of Arctic Monkeys, you should be.


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